Episode 2: That Episode About Sylvain Gautier ft Alyse Stanley

Aimee and Jaya are here to brighten up your lives once again with the second episode of their journey through Fodlan's many bachelors and bachelorettes. This time they are joined by Alyse Stanley (@pithyalyse), to talk about a very, very special boy: Sylvain Gautier. 

Will Aimee survive a whole episode talking positively about Sylvain? Will Alyse pull her over to the dark side? Will Jaya ever forgive herself for playing on Classic instead of Casual? Find out more with this episode of Fodlan FM!

PS: We should warn you that we did have a few audio issues this time around such as dogs barking, echos, etc. We do apologize for that, and we hope that future episodes will be tidier.  

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